CRDB is a leader in dynamic business establishment research. We provide transparent data about the economy you can use.


The Business Dynamics Research Consortium has compiled multiple data sets on business and economic activity creating a comprehensive and accessible databank (BDRC Databank) on the US economy, and in the process attract and serve diverse research initiatives across multiple disciplines and academic institutions. We provide transparent large establishment data and aggregated government data about the U.S. economy you can use.

BDRC Databank

Building a better economic resource

The cumulative effect of BDRC is to assemble and avail large, simply usable, transparent time-series data sets that are unveiling the reality of the dynamic U.S. economy. Each of these separately assembled data sources can be quickly queried and data records from 1 to 144 million can be instantly available on your computer desktop. Currently deposited into the databank:

Infogroup Business and Consumer Data: original compiler of both consumer and business establishment data integrating new and innovative data sources for higher quality data & complete U.S. coverage from 1997. Each year of new data is available in March of the following year which presents only a 3 to 4 month lag in having the latest year data available!

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Powerlytics: providing unique economic insights into over 34 million businesses, including complete financial statements for all for-profit public and private businesses, and over 200 financial variables for 144 million anonymized households. Powerlytics sources the Census, Department of Labor, and the IRS to model actual, comprehensive establishment data.

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Government Aggregates: open source aggregates directly from government sources as well as databases that have compiled economic data from tax forms and households.

Firm totals: Using the parent/sibling relationships that links each establishment to a parent; establishments, jobs, and sales for every parent (HQ), branch, subsidiary, or standalone establishment are available.

Time-series variables: BDRC assembles additional unique time series variables, they are: MSAs, HQFIPS, churn tracking (birth, death, expansion, contraction, and move indicators).

Private capital data: Over 50,000 private equity companies PitchBook showing equity finance type: 1995-2014.

Public market identification: public market identification including exchange, stock symbol, and IPO date.

Congressional District identification: Congressional District identification for every establishment each year in the time-series from the 113th Congress.