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The Institute for Exceptional Growth Companies has compiled multiple data sets on business and economic activity creating a comprehensive and accessible databank (IEGC Databank) on the US economy, and in the process attract and serve diverse research initiatives across multiple disciplines and academic institutions. Our primary database is NETS (National Establishment Time Series), by Walls and Associates, a truly unique business establishment database.

NETS database by Walls & Associates

Coverage of over 54 million unique establishments on a national basis with over 300 data fields, including:

Establishment Data: The NETS Database has over 300 fields that uniquely describe each establishment from 1990 to 2012. These variables include business type, location information, employment, sales, Dun and Bradstreet ratings and payment performance, and special indicators like minority or women-ownership and whether the establishment imports or exports.

Covers all businesses including sole-proprietors and the self-employed: NETS includes all businesses including from every industry level, and containing the self-employed, sole-proprietors, and partners. No company left behind!

Corporate Affiliation: Headquarters identifiers (HQDuns) are available in every year, as well as an indicator if there has been a headquarters (ownership) change. In addition, the numbers of related establishments or establishments reporting to a headquarters are also computed.

Relocation Behavior: Every significant establishment relocation is chronicled with 30 fields that tell us the move year, SIC, origin and destination, distance of move, employment and sales in the move year, type of location and whether the establishment is still active in the last year. In addition, we have the latitude-longitude of all origins and destinations of all moves.

NETS For You?
NETS is available to purchase directly from Walls & Associates for your own projects. For more information including pricing, publications and reports using NETS, and data examples:

IEGC Databank

Building a better economic resource

The cumulative effect of our work is to assemble and avail large, transparent time-series data sets that are simply usable to unveil the reality of the dynamic U.S. economy. Currently deposited into the databank:

NETS: A true business census of the U.S. economy, attempting to locate, verify, and count every establishment (and its jobs and sales) at its unique location anywhere in the U.S., Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands.

Current data: IEGC assembled and verified D&B DMI files for latest full calendar year rolling thru each current quarter. To produce and verify the current year dataset, IEGC goes back through the NETS data to verify and update any information where the current data requires changes.

Growth factors: Establishment and job births, deaths, expansion, contraction, move in/out for EVERY state, MSA, or county from 1995 thru 2013

Alternative linkages: Alternative linkages from D&B DMI files identifying operational categories (eg. franchise, co-op, dealer, health, partnership) starting in 2013.

Private capital data: Over 50,000 private equity companies from our partner PitchBook showing equity finance type: 1995-2013.

Public market identification: public market identification including exchange, stock symbol, and IPO date.

Congressional District identification: Congressional District identification for every establishment each year in the time-series from the 113th Congress.