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The Institute for Exceptional Growth Companies offers regular insights (papers, publications, press releases, and applications) through research on individual business performance and its impact on overall economic growth. IEGC serves as a catalyst for multi-discipline research initiatives and collaborative projects that benefit from access to a dynamic database representing business and economic activity. Primary in this research is the NETS (National Establishment Time Series) database.

PE or VC financing significantly and positively affect the establishments’ net sales and employment growth rates.

The effects of private equity and venture capital on sales and employment growth in small and medium-sized businesses

We study the effects private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) financing have on small and mid-sized single entity business establishments from 1995 to 2009 by focusing on single entity establishments to cleanly examine the impact of PE and VC financing on establishments’ organic growth. PE and VC financing have positive impacts on single entity business establishments’ net sales and employment growth.

Early stage external capital acquisition is both a strategic and operational decision facing most entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurial ventures require various forms of funding to fulfill their growth aspirations such as angel funding, venture capital and private equity. In addition to the type of funding, an important feature is the timing of the first funding...

Attention, capital-hungry entrepreneurs: New UNH research can help 'show you the money'

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To continue building their companies, growth entrepreneurs depend on short-term, liquid sources of debt financing such as bank loans, even though winning a thumbs-up from bankers is no cakewalk. Yet University of New Hampshire researchers...

Healthy companies and healthy regions

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Firm Growth and Regional Income Convergence: Is There a Connection?

In today's virtual world, it’s easy to downplay the significance of place. Yet when it comes to regional prosperity, geography matters. Income and job growth is not random but rather spill over from one region to another, meaning that merely being next to a prosperous region will make your own economy more vibrant...

Exclusive, never-before seen data on the impact of private capital investment throughout the United States.


This report reveals that private equity and venture capital investments have been made in more than 425 Congressional Districts and in every U.S. state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. More importantly, this report reveals that overall, companies backed by private capital outperform other companies by a wide margin in revenue growth and job growth.

Building scale and sustaining growth

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Building scale and sustaining growth: The surprising drivers of job creation

The past decade generated an abundance of headline events — the bursting dot-com bubble, 9-11, the banking crises, the home building meltdown, endless war, budget deficits — the list goes on. Yet while most of us looked the other way, a major shift occurred in the structure of the U.S. economy losing productive scale at a frightening pace...

Did They Build That?

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Did They Build That? The Role of Private Equity and Venture Capital in Small and Medium-sized Business

Both private equity and venture capital financing dramatically accelerate sales and job growth of small and medium-sized U.S. businesses, according to a new study being released by the Institute for Exceptional Growth Companies (IEGC) and Pepperdine University.

Governments have a constructive role to play in fostering growing companies

Drivers of high-growth businesses across U.S. states: policy implications

The lack of consistent empirical evidence on drivers of high growth businesses and on the success of business growth policies leaves policy makers uncertain and apprehensive about high growth strategies...

NETS versus ES-202

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Business Establishment Employment Data: NETS versus ES-202

The National Establishment Time-Series (NETS) Database provides a number of advantages over more traditional sources. NETS offers an exceptionally deep view of employment dynamics in the economy.

Spotlight on job creation

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Private Sector Dynamics: The Key to Understanding U.S. Growth.

When it comes to generating new jobs, it's existing companies - not new startups - that have the leading role. New startups are often billed as the stars of economic growth. Yet it's actually existing, expanding companies that contribute most to U.S. job creation. In fact, from 1990 to 2008, existing companies generated 71 percent more new jobs than startups (see graph).